Weipa is located on Cape York in far North Queensland and it can be accessed by four wheel drive or by air.

A partly sealed road connects Cairns to Weipa, and in a four wheel drive it is an approximate 12 hour drive from Cairns. Qantas has two flights daily from Cairns, and many charter air companies operate into Weipa from all around Australia.

The Albatross Bay Resort is situated on the edge of Albatross Bay. Weipa is just south of Duyfken Point, a location now agreed to be the first recorded point of European contact with the Australian continent.

Dutch explorer Willem Janszoon, on his ship the Duyfken, sighted the coast here in 1606. This was 164 years before Captain James Cook sailed up the east coast of Australia.

Weipa is the largest town on the Gulf of Carpentaria coast of the Cape York Peninsula. It is sometimes considered to be the ‘Capital of Cape York’ and is a mining town of over 3,000 people that exists because of the enormous bauxite deposits along the coast.

Weipa is a small mining town, and there is no public transport. There are other methods to get around Weipa and the surrounding areas by using the Weipa Taxi service, vehicle hire, or buy your own car in Weipa.

Weipa Taxi Service is the only taxi company operating in the area. Give them a call on 07 4069 7540.

There are locally owned hire car companies along with major companies located at the airport. Weipa Rent-A-Car is locally owned and can be contacted on 07 4069 7311. Alternatively, for car hire information at the Weipa Airport call 07 4069 7266.