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How to Spend Your Long Weekend Fishing

<strong>How to Spend Your Long Weekend Fishing</strong>
on 09 September 2022 in Fishing

If you’re looking for the best way to spend your long weekend fishing, this article is a must read.

There is no better way to spend a long weekend fishing than to fish in Weipa. The region is fantastic and often regarded as one of the best sports fishing destinations in Australia, and arguably worldwide. 

The fishing opportunities in Weipa are unmatched. From mangrove estuaries to coastal rivers that ebbs and flows blue water beauty, the conditions are perfect for a wide range of fish species to thrive. 

Types of fish to catch in Weipa 

Given the beautiful tropical climate which attracts the most variety of fish in the planet, you’ll find yourself with a chance of catching barramundi, Threadfin, fingermark, mackerel, mangrove jack, giant trevallies, bluefin tunas, marlins and more. The list is just simply too long to go on.

The best time to fish in Weipa

If you’re hoping to catch your favourite species when fishing in Weipa, it’s time to get in touch with Lee Hodgens from Weipa Sports Fishing by calling him on 0431 427 129. Ring him up, tell him what your favourite fish is and then ask him when is the best time to come to catch that fish and he’ll tell you. 

But if you aren’t fussy about your catch and are looking to see what bites when you throw in a line, March through to December are great times to fish in Weipa.

Where to stay in Weipa when fishing

If you’re looking for the ultimate place to stay when fishing in Weipa, there’s no better place fit for your adventure than the Albatross Bay Resort. Beyond offering comfortable accommodation that is suitable for a range of guests no matter the size of your entourage, the Catch & Cook experience offered by the Deck Restaurant & Bar is simply unmissable. For a steal of $25, your catch of the day will be cooked to perfection and just the way you like it, served with salad and chips. Pair that with a chill drink poured by the bar and relax your evening away for a hard day’s work of fishing.

If you aren’t lucky with your fishing expedition, you can always be reassured knowing that there’s plenty of fresh seafood to choose from in the wide ranged menu at the restaurant.

Simply call the Albatross Bay Resort team on (07) 4090 6666 or click here to book your Weipa accommodation.

Get on a fishing charter for the best fishing experience this long weekend

If you want to avoid any disappointment during your long weekend fishing in Weipa, you’ll simply have to get on a fishing charter with Weipa Sports Fishing.

Offering a first class fishing service that impresses even the most experienced anglers, you will be amazed by the quality equipment and tackle, custom built boats and decades of experience possessed by your fishing guides.

Depending on what fish you’re looking to catch, your fishing experience may be from the boat, the beach, or just a few kilometres from the shore.

With custom boats that are stable, comfortable, and made to suit traversing Weipa’s reefs and river systems, your long weekend fishing experience will be nothing short of amazing. Be sure to bring along wet shoes, sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water and you’re all set to jump on board a Weipa Sports Fishing charter for some of the best fishing experiences of your life.

The beauty about going on a fishing charter is the customisation of the fishing trip to suit your needs, interests, itinerary and budget. In Weipa, most fishing enthusiasts book trips that go for 4 to 7 days at a time, allowing a fishing experience that ventures across the Embley River, Hey River, Nomanade River, Pine River, Mission River, inshore coastal reefs and more. 

A fishing charter expedition in Weipa typically starts at 7.15am and ends at 5pm, with the flexibility of time varying depending on whether the fish won’t quit or you’re just ready to get back on shore.

Not only will you experience amazing fishing, but also the unbeatable wildlife such as saltwater crocodiles that call Weipa home. The great thing about being with experienced guides is their ability to ensure your safety at all times when navigating croc terrain, especially when fishing where the predators are waiting to catch their prey. 
If you ask any angler, chances are, Weipa is on their bucket list of fishing destinations to fish in Australia. It’s an experience you certainly won’t want to miss especially for your next long weekend activity. Plan ahead and book your accommodation at the Albatross Bay Resort for a comfortable stay.