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Our Top Fishing Spots in Weipa

Our Top Fishing Spots in Weipa
on 01 April 2021 in Fishing

For those who are familiar with the best places to fish in Australia, you have probably heard about the unbelievable fishing adventures people have had in Weipa.

Boasting the title of Barramundi capital of Queensland, this vibrant, small town is nestled on the West Coast of the Cape. With some of the most pristine ecosystems of North Queensland, the waters are filled with an abundance of marine life. Fishing in the Cape York region is as diverse as you could hope for, and as extraordinary as you can imagine – a literal angler’s paradise.

When it comes to the type of fishes to catch in Weipa, you aren’t just limited to barramundi, even though it’s a popular fish to catch in the area. With an astounding number of tropical sport fish, including mackerel, tuna, trevally, Murray cod, mangrove jack, queenfish, and fingermark, your choices are aplenty. 

Here are our top secret fishing spots in the region which have been sourced from Weipa’s very own locals.

Mission Bridge

One of the ultimate fishing spots in North Weipa, fishing under Mission Bridge or by the banks will guarantee some amazing finds. It is illegal to fish off the bridge for safety reasons due to some concentrations of bull sharks and large crocs.

While many different fishes can be caught throughout the day such as small to medium sized golden trevally, bream, and queen fish, darkness is when the fishing comes to life.

Most predatory species, such as salmon, mangrove jack, black jewelfish, barramundi, trevally, and golden snappers are more active at night as they begin to feed.

At Mission Bridge, the main channel is roughly 50 feet deep and is where the strong currents make it hard to fish when the tide runs. The rest of the river is only approximately 6 feet deep.

Your best fishing spots here will be around the massive bright lamps lined up on the bridge. The bright lights attract swarms of bait such as prawns, mullets, and hardyheads which then bring in schools of large queenfish and blue salmon that hang around the surface. To land a hook, use small metals, plastics, or soft vibe lures that work well on these fish. If you’re looking to catch a tarpon, you’ll need to sink your line deeper as these guys tend to hang out lower in the water. 

Barramundi and threadfins often hang around near the bottom of the river. You’ll need to make sure you have the right gear for a successful catch. Vibe lures and heavy plastics work well in catching these fish.

At the very bottom, black jewfish over a metre long await. And if you’re out to get one, be sure to bring along a 50lb braid to avoid losing your catch. You could also find yourself lucky fishing this deep, and snap yourself a golden snapper at the bottom.

Red Beach

A fantastic North Weipa location for land based bait fishing, Red Beach is the place you want to be during high tide when looking to snag some king salmon, queenfish, or barramundi. 

Red Beach is nestled to the north of Mission River, which is the key source of abundant fish species you will find when fishing at Mission Bridge (one of the top fishing spots in Weipa, as mentioned above).

Beyond the great land based fishing, the beach is spectacular, offering amazing views that will enhance your fishing adventure.

If you’ve got a boat at Red Beach, head for the stream to cast a line under the mangroves. With plenty of great underwater structures that lure bait and fish, you will find yourself some good luck fishing there. 

Evans Landing Boat Ramp

For those looking to snag barramundis, mangrove red snappers, or golden trevallies, a fish at the Evans Landing Boat Ramp is a must. Take a stroll along the bank around Goombung Point, and find yourself a cosy spot to fish along the stretch. Many locals have reported catching grunters, fingermark, queenfish, among many other species by using bait. Come at nightfall to boost your chances of catching some squid.

Do note that access can be limited at Evans Landing as there are ships that come inland to load and unload.

Complete your fishing adventure in Weipa

The adventure is what counts, especially when it comes to fishing – and who said the fun stops once the fishing does? 

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Banner image credit: Weipa Fishing Classic