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Travel Guide to Far North Queensland: Never-ending Nature

Travel Guide to Far North Queensland: Never-ending Nature
on 15 August 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle

When it comes to exploring Australia, the tropical oasis of Far North Queensland brims with unforgettable experiences that should be on your bucket list. The tropic expanse of the area equates to the size of both Spain and Portugal combined.

From coastal adventures that boast the best of the Great Barrier Reef to lush rainforest greenery promising wildlife and never-ending nature, there is one town that beckons a worthy stop when heading up to the Cape; and that is Weipa.

This secluded waterfront location surrounded by natural beauty promises travellers an exposure to untouched destinations. Weipa is filled with promises of adventure followed by unique dining and magnificent accommodation experiences. 

Without further ado, behold the ultimate travel guide of what to do when visiting Weipa and Cape York for the Queensland adventurer. 

Driving to Cape York from Weipa in a 4WD

If there is one Queensland road trip to experience, it’s hands down a trip up to Cape York in a 4WD.

Where is Cape York?

Casually referred to as “The Tip”, Cape York is renowned for being the most northern part of Australia. A rugged landscape surrounded by remote wilderness, the adventure guarantees lifelong memories and strong bonds with travellers who experience the drive.

How long to get to Cape York? 

Given that it takes a straight 6 hour drive on Google Maps without any breaks from Weipa to Cape York, the journey does require plenty of planning, especially on the dirt road – which will most likely add to the travel time. 

A great starting point for your Cape York 4WD odyssey begins at Weipa.

Where is Weipa?

Weipa is the largest town you’ll find in central and northern Cape York. It’s where you’ll want to rest for a good night’s sleep before adventuring to ‘The Tip’. To ensure you get the best accommodation Weipa can offer, head to the Albatross Bay Resort for a true local experience promising exquisite dining and luxurious comfort.

Before you head off to Cape York, be sure to do a full grocery shop, fuel up, and check out Tackle World Weipa if you plan on fishing along the way. Don’t forget to tell Nathan, we sent you!

The 4WD route from Weipa to Cape York 

Hit the Old Telegraph Track which cuts through the bush. Be prepared to face some washouts and rocky parts along your way. Palm Creek is where the track starts to become trickier with a steep entry and exit point into the creek.

You will come across Bertie Creek, which is a fantastic place to make a stop. With quiet rapids and crystal-clear water, stop for a picnic, set up camp or simply take a dip to freshen up. 

Next, continue North on the Old Telegraph Track where your next landmark will be Gunshot Creek. Depending on your experience with 4WDs, you can attempt the iconic Gunshot or keep your 4WD in one piece and take the chicken track on the left.

On your way, you will come across an iconic stop of the Old Telegraph Track – Fruit Bat Falls. Aesthetically located where the Old Telegraph Track crosses Bamaga Road, feast your eyes on a magnificent waterfall that cascades over a ledge into a shallow pool beneath. It’s a perfect spot for swimming and having a picnic. 

Other places to stop along the way include Logans Creek where you can camp the night, Roonga Point which promises blue waters and great fishing, Bamaga for some grocery shopping and refuelling, and Eliot and Twin Falls.

Your final destination will be ‘The Tip’ of the Cape, at Pajinka where you can park at the bottom to walk to the tip. If you’re lucky and the tide is low, head around the headland on the sand of a shortcut with a magnificent view. 

What to do in Weipa

Before leaving Weipa, you should take the opportunity of exploring what this secluded waterfront town has to offer.

Go on a fishing charter with Lee at Weipa Sports Fishing

To say that the fishing experience at Weipa is great is an understatement. Arguably the best fishing destination in Australia, Weipa is known for being an absolute hotspot for barramundi fishing, which is only one of the many reasons why you should throw in a line with the experts.

And nobody does it better than Weipa Sports Fishing, headed by Lee Hodgetts. A fish whisperer with a wealth of recreational, commercial and professional experience, Lee has caught almost every fish local to these waters – even the big game ones, the likes of giant Black Marlins. 

The boys at Weipa Sports Fishing live and breathe fishing. It isn’t just a job for them, it’s a passion that they pursue when they aren’t out on a fishing charter guide. 

Guaranteeing the fishing trip of a lifetime, it won’t matter if you’re a novice or an experienced angler. Get in touch with Lee on 0431 427 129 or for more information! 

A visit to Jardine River National Park and camp at Eliot Falls

Accessible by 4WD, follow the Old Telegraph Track into Jardine River National Park for a spectacular camping experience at Eliot Falls. The Park is rich in Aboriginal and European cultural heritage surrounded by remote wilderness captivating your presence around nature and serenity. 

You will be greeted with a picturesque waterfall and pool guaranteed to make any picnic and relaxation time an absolute pleasure. The crystal-clear waters of Eliot Falls are a must visit when visiting Far North Queensland. 

The National Park campsite is excellent for a night’s rest but be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment. 

Spot Cape York’s Special Birds

Home to a wide variety of habitats, Weipa is a fantastic location for bird watching enthusiasts. From coastal dunes to wetlands and mangroves to gallery and vine forests, the Weipa plateau highlights some exotic birds native to the area.

Keep an eye out for Cape York’s special birds such as the spotted whistling duck, palm cockatoo, black backed butcherbird, tropical scrubwren, tawny breasted honeyeaters, white streaked honeyeater, chestnut breasted cuckoo, yellow billed kingfisher and the dawn breasted bowerbird.

For more information on bird watching in Weipa, check out the Weipa and District Bird Checklist here

Jump on a Daily or Sunset Tour with Western Cape Eco Tours

Suitable for all ages starting from 2 years, a tour with Western Cape Eco Tours is a must for those looking to experience the natural surroundings of Weipa. Prepare yourself for brilliant tour commentary that is fun and informative, delivered by locals who know the area like the back of their hand. 

For the daily tour, enjoy highlights of the Weipa culture and history as you soak in the tranquil surroundings. Waterways and diverse wildlife habitats await your exploration. Get ready to snap some pictures of saltwater crocodiles and plenty of native bird species. Prices are $45 for adults and $25 for children between ages 2 and 12 years old.

The sunset tour will spoil you with antipasto platters, salami, cheese, complimentary beers, champagne, soft drinks and water as you enjoy a spectacular sunset over the Gulf of Carpentaria. Cruise your way through the Embley River into the golden sunset as you surround yourself with saltwater crocodiles, birds, and the magic of Mother Nature. Tours depart at 4.30PM and prices are $60 for adults and $30 for children between ages 2 and 12 years old. 

Stay in the Best Weipa Accommodation

An adventure begins with a tonne of exploration and finishes with a luxurious night’s sleep. So what better way to spoil yourself than to call the Albatross Bay Resort home during your time in Weipa? 

First time visitors to Weipa who chance upon the Albatross Bay Resort often become regulars over time.

With a restaurant and sports bar serving deliciously fresh meals that give an excellent bang for your buck, icy cold beers on tap, and exceptional customer service, there isn’t much more you could ask for. Spectacular sunset views to spoil yourself as you unwind from your day adventures, kick back, relax and make the most of your Weipa accommodation at the Albatross Bay Resort