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Hop Onboard a Fishing Charter in Weipa

<strong>Hop Onboard a Fishing Charter in Weipa</strong>
on 01 November 2022 in Fishing

Don’t miss out on the fishing experience of a lifetime by hopping on board a Weipa fishing charter. Find out all you need to know here!

When life catches up and you find yourself hustling and bustling in the business of it all, chances are you need a break from the routine. Although the idea of a break will mean different things to each individual, but if you’re a fishing enthusiast or love the idea of catching a meal, a successful fishing catch is extremely satisfying and refreshing.

Treat yourself to a weekend fishing charter where you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime. And the best part of it all is that you’ll be able to enjoy your fresh catch later. 

If you know how to fish, you might be wondering why you should go on a fishing charter instead of doing it yourself. The answer is pretty straightforward – an experienced professional knows the water and fishing conditions much better than you do, meaning you’ll increase your fishing success and the size of your catch. If you have a specific fish you like catching, let your guide know and they’ll be able to bring you to the best spot to catch it. 

There aren’t many better places for world class fishing than in Weipa. Renowned to be one of the barramundi capitals in Australia, a fishing charter experience in Weipa won’t disappoint. 

A good fishing charter is relaxing

Offering a change in scenery can bring forth some relaxation from the stress, complex and busy that is your life. Sitting back and taking it easy is the essence of a fishing trip. Embrace the magnificent views, learn a thing or two about what makes a successful catch, and take it easy. 

Everything will be taken care of, from your fishing vessel, fishing supplies and equipment, bait to even food and beverages. The experience is phenomenal, taking out all the stress associated with fishing and guaranteeing success in leaving your trip with a catch.

More about Weipa fishing charters 

When you hop aboard a fishing charter, you place yourself among experts in fishing with years of knowledge and state of art equipment that ensures you get the best chances of a great catch. From sonar equipment to visualise the activity happening beneath the water’s surface to being well versed in the legal implications of fishing including catch limits.

They’re also often a bunch of fun folks that have a strong passion about fishing and are more than happy to share their stories, experiences and knowledge, making them great company to be with at sea. 

There are many different types of fishing experiences to be had when on a Weipa fishing charter such as live baiting, fly fishing, lure fishing, and sports fishing.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous and will get your adrenaline pumping, check out Weipa Sports Fishing’s heli fishing experience. Headed by Lee Hodgetts, the Weipa Sports Fishing team hold decades of fishing expertise while offering a whole new opportunity to take to the skies for some fishing. 

Regardless of how you’re looking to fish, the Weipa Sports Fishing has got your back. Offering unparalleled experiences that will leave a lifetime of fond memories, there aren’t many fishing guides that know the waters of Weipa as well as these guys do. First class fishing adventure awaits you alongside custom-built fishing boats, top quality tackle, the best fishing gear and exceptional customer service. 

If you’re looking for something bigger, just give the Weipa Sports Fishing team a buzz on 0431 427 129 or leehodgetts08@gmail.com and let them know what you want. They’ll be able to throw together a fishing package that includes meals, transfers and accommodation if you need. 

Wrap up your fishing charter with a Catch & Cook experience

Hosted at the Deck Restaurant in Albatross Bay Resort is the Catch & Cook experience that is a phenomenal opportunity for those who just jumped off a fishing charter.

What better than to have your hard earned catch cooked for you by professional chefs just the way you like it. Serve it up with a side of chips and salad and you’ll have yourself a spectacular meal that will be cherished for years to come.

Book your experience by calling (07) 4090 6666 to complete your fishing charter experience in Weipa.