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4 Myths Busted about What's it Like to Live in Far North Queensland

4 Myths Busted about What's it Like to Live in Far North Queensland
on 15 August 2021 in Travel & Lifestyle

Far North Queensland often depicts imagery of beach life, the Great Barrier Reef, some dense rainforests, but the gist leans towards a ton of sun, sea and ocean breeze. Now, that’s obviously not a bad thing at all, but perception definitely has it that there’s more to Far North Queensland than meets the eye.

Amazing adventures that go beyond beach time, decadent dining experiences that aren’t just seafood, and luxury accommodation are just some of the things that prove you can’t believe those Far North Queensland myths.

So, for those looking to tick a Far North Queensland adventure off your list, but just have been a bit uncertain on what to expect, this myth busting article will help open your eyes to the truth from a local perspective. It’s time to get excited about what awaits you up the northbound road.

Myth 1: There’s no mobile phone reception

Barren cane farms that squiggle all the way north followed by extremely low density towns and far too much nature often leaves the impressionable perception that there just simply won’t be any mobile phone reception.

Sure, a short break from being glued on your phone would do you some good, but the idea of being cut off from the word and unreachable can make your heart start palpitating a little. Lucky to say, myth totally busted.

You’ll be thrilled to know that you will find 3G in most parts and sometimes even 4G along your way in Far North Queensland. Sure, some extremely rural areas may see skips in mobile phone service, but the overall experience will have you connected online. Not to mention, most places these days will have WiFi set up, so you’ll always have that to fall back on if your phone reception fails for some reason.

For those going off the beaten track, it is recommended to bring a satellite phone as mobile phone reception will definitely be spotty in extremely remote areas. 

Myth 2: There’s only seafood to eat

While it is true that you will find an abundance of fresh seafood in the area (after all, you will be cruising close to the coastline), it isn’t the only option you’ll have when it comes to great dining.

For example, at the Albatross Bay Resort in Weipa, you’ll be hard pressed to find steaks done as delicious. Boasting grilled rumps, rib fillets and eye fillets cooked just the way you like it, these cuts have been expertly selected for marbled layers, ensuring an absolutely juicy and tender experience. Complement this decadent main with a side of creamy mash potatoes and greens, followed by a choice of red wine jus, mushroom, mixed pepper, Diane, or blue cheese sauce for the win. 

Other magnificent meals that go beyond seafood include lemon and herb encrusted lamb racks and pan fried Chicken supreme. Talk about yum! 

And of course, the fish is excellent at the Alby too, should you decide to indulge in some famous Far North Queensland seafood. Browse their full menu here for a dining experience you won’t forget.

Myth 3: There’s only swimming and watersports

If you’re looking for fun in the sun, Far North Queensland is the place to be. But as much as you’re likely to be filled with images of motorsports, swimming, snorkeling and diving, many may forget about the amazing fishing that goes on in these waters.

For those looking for a hotspot to fish, why not head to Weipa, also known as the Barramundi Capital of Queensland? Known for its abundant catches, you’ll find plenty favourable species including blue salmon, bream, gold snapper, mangrove jack, and coral trout. Upon a successful fishing trip in Weipa, do what the locals do and round up the experience with a hearty meal at the Albatross Bay Resort. With their one of a kind Catch & Cook experience, bring along your catch of the day and leave the cooking to the experts. Have your fish served to you, cooked to perfection and served with a side of salad and hot chips.

Beyond water, there are plenty of national parks to adventure to. With camping being one of the most beloved activities for families and curious explorers, find your way in the heart of the Daintree National Park or delve into the heritage beauty of Paronella Park.

There’s more than just watersports and swimming in Far North Queensland.

Myth 4: Far East North Queensland is where all the fun is

Notably the East side of Far North Queensland is where the tourist attention is concentrated, however little do many know that Far West North Queensland has many hidden gems that will simply delight.

Head to the small town of Weipa to be impressed with a sense of local culture filled with friendliness and true Aussie spirit. The fishing is unbelievable, and the adventures are truly endless. From 4×4 trips headed to Jarvine National Park and the Tip to sunset cruises with crocodiles, the real beauty of Weipa is in the town’s mining, which is exemplified in the Weipa Mine & Town Tours. You can also explore the culture and history of Weipa at the Western Cape Cultural Centre, located at Evans Landing.

Needless to say, time spent in Far North Queensland certainly is time well spent.

Banner image credit: Cape York Land Council