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5 Things To Do On The Road From Cairns To Weipa

5 Things To Do On The Road From Cairns To Weipa
on 15 January 2021 in Travel & Lifestyle

A journey to Weipa from Cairns is certainly an adventure to be had. Promising magnificent red soils surrounded by blue waters and pink blushes of sunset, Weipa is a spectacular place to be immersed into Mother Nature. A great location nestled in the midst of the wilderness on the Western Coast of Cape York, Weipa offers an unforgettable fishing and wildlife experience to be envied.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 things you simply must experience on the road from Cairns to Weipa.

1. Grassy Hill, Cooktown QLD

Cooktown is a 4 hour drive from Cairns, giving you another 8 hours on the road to Weipa from Cooktown. The detour into Cooktown is worth it, especially if you have some time to explore. 

Offering a panoramic 360 degree view of Cooktown, the Great Barrier Reef and Endeavour River, the picturesque views will astound you. Grassy Hill is renowned for being the point where Captain James Cook and the HMB Endeavour crew climbed to scout their surroundings in search for a safe passage back in 1770. Although the views are now sensed with rainforest and plenty of wildlife within, the sunrises and sunsets are still as spectacular as it was back in 1770, making Grassy Hill an attraction not to be missed. 

Learn about the history of Grassy Hill and Cooktown through plaques scattered across the area. 

2. James Cook Museum, Cooktown QLD

Take your Australian knowledge further and venture into the James Cook Museum in Cooktown. Set within a stunning 19th century convent, the museum houses the original cannon and anchor from the HMB Endeavour, as well as an extensive range of original Guugu Yimithiir artefacts. 

Telling the story of the interaction that happened between Captain James Cook and the indigenous people he stumbled upon, this historical tale plays an integral part in Australian history. Narrated from the perspective of both sides, the effort is the first recorded act of Reconciliation. 

3. Sunsets and Beaches

If you’re looking for a great place to relax and bask in the sunshine, the beaches in Weipa are perfect for you. Admire spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and head out on a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Some of the best beaches in Weipa include Nanum Beach and a secret local favourite beach south of Rocky Point. You can expect white sands that seem endless with views of the ocean that will have you daydreaming of paradise.

4. The Weipa Fishing Adventure

Fishing in Weipa offers an unparalleled experience, from magnificent views to the quality of the catch. With big fishes ready to be caught, the range includes barramundi, coral trout, mackerel, jew fish, reel fish, queen fish, king fish, grunter, fingermark, and trevally.

There are plenty of great fishing spots to set yourself up for a good day, from beaches to the ocean and headlands to river mouths. Some favourite local spots include the bridges at Mission River and Andoom Creek, Kerr Point, Red Beach, and Evans Landing Wharf.

If you have access to a boat, your Weipa fishing adventure has even more potential of reaching sky high success, as most big fish are found in the deeper waters. Boat ramps can be found in Evans Landing Wharf, Mission River, and Andoom Creek.

To experience the best of Weipa fishing, get out on a fishing charter with Weipa Sports Fishing led by Lee Hodgetts. Offering first class fishing adventures, utilising custom built fishing boats that have been designed for the ultimate fishing experience, you are assured the very best set up for a successful day – quality tackle, outstanding customer service, and a guaranteed great catch. 

If you’d like to take your fishing game to a whole new level, try out Heli Fishing with the Weipa Sports Fishing team.

In a helicopter, you’ll fly over breathtaking landscapes of Cape York, with views that offer a unique perspective of the habitats that claim this region. From the Great Barrier Reef to the lush rainforest, enjoy the scenery and be sure to snap many pictures while you’re sky high.

In a chopper, you can access the best fishing spots quicker and faster than others. Whether it’s a billabong, a river, the beach, your chopper pilot is ready to go wherever you wish to explore. Weipa Sports Fishing’s Heli Fishing adventure includes refreshments and a gourmet lunch as part of the service, with all of your fishing gear and tackle prepared. 

If you’ve caught yourself some fresh seafood and would like to experience the best flavours from your catch, head to the Albatross Bay Resort for their Catch and Cook experience where skilled chefs masterfully prepare your catch to perfection, and serve it up with some chips and salad.

5. Weipa Wildlife Watching

The abundance of wildlife you’ll find in Weipa is astonishing. From birds such as the jabiru (which is Australia’s largest stork) to prehistoric creatures such as the crocodiles, there is plenty of wildlife to explore.

Jump on a Western Cape Eco Tour on a day tour or sunset tour and experience the tranquil surroundings of saltwater crocs and native birds. The sunset tour will cruise you through serene waters of the Embley River as you enjoy drinks and canapés followed by stories of history and culture as told by your guide. 

Where to eat in Weipa

Experiences are often lived to the fullest when your body and mind are in a great place. So why not treat yourself to a dining experience at the Albatross Bay Resort, a local favourite establishment that offers waterfront views and exceptional meals.

Only the freshest local seafood can be found here, so be sure that a craving for some good ole’ fish and chips will be satisfied at the Sports Bar or the Deck Restaurant and Bar. For meaty goodness, ponder upon the grill menu and settle with some premium steaks that have been grilled to perfection. Experience different delicacies from international cuisines including pastas, roasted duck confit, and Mediterranean salads. Whatever your craving is, a dining experience at the Albatross Bay Resort is one that simply should not be missed when in Weipa. 

Banner image credit: Australia.com