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Planning the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Planning the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt
on 15 March 2022 in Events & Entertainment

Easter holidays are just around the corner, meaning there’s not much time left to plan an Easter egg hunt. Not to worry, here are our top tips and tricks in planning the ultimate Easter egg hunt that includes planning guides and ideas to get you going.

Set your event particulars

As with planning any event, you’ll need to set a time and date to inform everyone – be it family or friends. You can spread the word by sending save the date fliers, emails, text messages or Facebook posts followed by a request to RSVP so you can better plan and prepare your supplies. If you need some assistance in getting things together, ask friends and family to help out in organising the activities or making supply purchases for the Easter egg hunt event.

Determine your location

Small Easter gatherings won’t need much space to prepare an Easter egg hunt, and oftentimes you’ll find your backyard or front yard sufficient for the event. From bushes and plants to trees, there are plenty of great hiding spots for Easter eggs. 

If your group is larger, consider going to a large open space such as a nearby field or park, preferably one with a playground for better hiding spots. Wide areas will also allow everyone to spread out and run around in search of the eggs.

Create your checklist

Having a clear checklist for your Easter egg hunt will ensure no detail is forgotten. The list should cover activities and supplies needed for the event, preferably categorised according to the activity or location the items relate to.

Stock up on eggs and hunting supplies

It’s time to stock up on plenty of eggs for your hunt. Estimate around 12 eggs per guest, giving everyone a good chance to find and gather a fair amount of eggs that will keep everyone feeling satisfied. Other goodies to entertain the crowd include Easter egg chocolates, baskets for collecting eggs in case guests don’t bring their own, and items that appeal to kids of all ages ensuring everyone is entertained. 

Consider using plastic Easter eggs

Great for reducing wastage of throwing out dozens of eggs, plastic Easter eggs offer the thrill of filling the eggs with random, fun goodies and having the young ones discover and unravel the surprise within. Mix and match your eggs for boys and girls and colour them with different colours and designs in theme. You can always buy bulk candy and toy assortments to fill up the eggs. There are pre-filled Easter eggs available for purchase if you know where to look.

Easter basket decorations

If you’d like to keep the kids busy before the egg hunt, make time for some Easter basket decorations. This will help personalise their basket and make it theirs for keepsake. It also makes the egg finding a lot more exciting as they store away their goodies in their very own decorated basket.

Set aside a decoration table with plain baskets and be sure to have plenty of artistic supplies such as paint, glue, colourful bits and bobs to stick on, and lots of Easter themed items.

Plan for some activities after the Easter egg hunt

Don’t just limit the fun and activities to the Easter egg hunt, carry into more activities and games after the main event. 

One of our favourite games includes the egg relay run, where kids are separated into groups and need to balance an egg on a spoon against each other. The group that completes the race without dropping and breaking their egg wins. Be sure to include fun prizes for the winning team to encourage a friendly sense of competition.

You could also set up an arts and crafts corner filled with Easter printable, crayons, and whatever else you need to make some Easter magic happen. 

Easter decorations

Easter is all about festivities, so don’t forget decorating your Easter egg hunt event to look festive. Think about outdoor signs that point toward the egg hunting area, colourful balloons, a Happy Easter Garland, bunny and egg decorations combined with flowers and sunshine. 

Easter food and drinks

Continue in theme with Easter drinks, treats and food. There are plenty of Easter recipes such as Easter Bunny donutsEaster egg nest cakes, and Easter mocktails. Don’t forget about Easter supplies such as plates, napkins, cups and cutlery.

Easter in Weipa

If you’re running out of time to plan an epic Easter egg hunt event, why not take advantage of the spectacular location at the Albatross Bay Resort.

Beyond great waterfront views, the Alby has plenty of space for hiding Easter eggs and letting the kids roam and play while the restaurant prepares for a mouthwatering Easter feast. It’s Easter made easy with the benefit of convenience, deliciousness and no mess to clean!