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A Guide to the Weipa Fishing Classic

A Guide to the Weipa Fishing Classic
on 03 May 2021 in Events & Entertainment

One of the pinnacle events on the peninsula, the Weipa Fishing Classic is a must for every angler and anyone looking to enjoy some quality fun. 

The biggest factor that makes the Weipa Fishing Classic stand out from all other Fishing Classics in Australia, is the inclusivity of the entire event. You don’t have to be involved in the competition, or even a fishing enthusiast, to have a great time at the Weipa Fishing Classic. Definitely something many other Fishing Classics could learn a thing or two from.

Win a prize

Fun and excitement are heightened at the Weipa Fishing Classic, with the introduction of major prizes (among many smaller ones) to be won by a raffle draw.

Amazing prizes are up for grabs, and everyone  including members of the public who aren’t involved in the fishing, can stand a chance to win them. These prizes are fantastic, with impressive values as high as thousands of dollars, such as velocity boats, can-am quad bikes, precious gemstone jewellery, and more.

All you have to do to try your luck in winning a major prize is to pay for the nomination to be in the draw. Anglers naturally are included in this as they have to pay the nomination fee to fish. 

Tickets sell like hotcakes, with thousands snapped up before you know it. But don’t worry, your chances to win are still decent when compared to other lotteries and draws out there!

Previous years have seen the prize total go well beyond the $100,000 mark, with fishing prizes as well as different types of raffles and draws that will keep the crowd on their toes. In 2020, the prizes amounted to over $130,000, with around 1,600 tickets sold.

Stalls at the Weipa Fishing Classic

Don’t forget to bring some cash and loose change, as you never know what you’ll find when browsing the stalls at the Weipa Fishing Classic. From caps, t-shirts, fishing accessories and 

merchandise, stubby coolers, souvenirs, and more, you’ll be pressed to find something that doesn’t catch your eye. 

You will also find several exhibition stalls, including Trinity Kawasaki, Pacific Toyota, Cairns Honda, ARB 4×4 Accessories, and more.

When it comes to food and drinks, you are spoilt for choice with licensed bars and an array of food stands that will keep your stomach happy. From fresh seafood baskets, fish and chips, and Asian food to gourmet sandwiches, sausage sizzles, and more, the stalls at the Weipa Fishing Classic will do a good job at keeping you busy. 

Fun for the kids

What makes the Weipa Fishing Classic amazing is the inclusivity of the event – and that means even for the kids. An epic family adventure awaits, with Weipa Fishing Classic mascots roaming the place, jumping castles to burn some kid energy, fish throwing competitions, shooting galleries, stilts and balloons, show bags, and a bunch of glow sticks.

There’s also a fishing simulator that the kids can experience without actually getting their hands dirty and an old trusty game of tug of war at the end to wrap the fun up nicely. 

Not to mention, there are plenty of special guests lined up to entertain, on top of the live music entertainment that happens on stage throughout the day.

The Weipa Fishing Classic

Last but not least comes the fishing – the sport that brings it all together.

The categories fall under Open, Women’s and Junior’s, with the requirements that fish have to be caught on a hand line or rod and reeled in the waters of Port Musgrave and Albatross Bay.

The event starts on Friday 3 September 2021 and typically runs over the course of 3 days.

In the Open category, there are 11 eligible species including barramundi, coral trout, mackerel, grunter, jew fish, trevally, king fish, queenfish and reef fish such as red emperor and nannygai. 

Juniors have 6 eligible species, including barramundi, bream, blue salmon, king salmon, grunter, and queenfish. 

All fish species have a minimum size to qualify, which means measuring and then weighing.

The Weipa Fishing Classic has definitely felt a slight sting from the pandemic, with things running a bit differently as a result. In the 2020 Weipa Fishing Classic, the introduction of live streaming for weigh ins, draws, and presentations was made, which turned out to be highly successful. Feeds were streamed to the Weipa Fishing Classic official Facebook page as well as establishments like the Albatross Bay Resort on the big screen. 

Wrapping things up nicely

An experience at the 2021 Weipa Fishing Classic is a must for those who can make it. From the food, the crowd, the ambiance to the world class fishing experience, you simply can’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something many have listed on their bucket list.

To make the most out of your experience in Weipa, be sure to head to the Albatross Bay Resort and watch the entire event roll out in style. Featuring live feeds of the entire event, including highlights from the fishing and prize draws, you won’t miss a thing. Not to mention, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy fresh caught seafood made just the way you like it while enjoying the 2021 Weipa Fishing Classic on the big screen. Fresh beer on tap neatly wraps up the day, with many more drinks on the menu.

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