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Top Mother's Day Ideas for a Mum Who Loves the Outdoors

Top Mother's Day Ideas for a Mum Who Loves the Outdoors
on 12 April 2021 in Events & Entertainment

Celebrating Mother’s Day on 9 May holds a strong sense of sentiment that goes beyond having fun and enjoying yourself with your loved ones. As a show of appreciation for the one who raised you with unconditional love, there are significant psychological benefits to celebrating this special day.

Whether it’s your mum, grandma, your favourite aunt, a teacher, or even a friend, reflecting on how your mum along with other women in your life have impacted you will help motivate you to make this Mother’s Day that more special for them. 

And given that we’ve been stuck indoors for most of the year due to the pandemic, it’s time to get out and grab some fresh air this Mother’s Day. 

Here are our top Mother’s Day ideas for a woman who loves the outdoors.

Indulge in a Picnic

Grab the same concepts of glamping, also known as glamorous camping, and use it in creating a luxurious picnic for Mum this Mother’s Day.

To set yourself for a winning picnic, you’ll have to do your fair share of homework and scout for a spectacular place to set the scene – ideally timed for a sunset backdrop. For example, Lake Patricia in Weipa is locally renowned for a magnificent sunset view of the lake coupled with a wide array of birdlife, making it a great picnic spot with free-to-use barbecue pits and well-maintained public facilities.

If you aren’t in need of barbecue facilities and would much rather bask in the beautiful weather by the beach with the sounds of waves lapping as background music, head to Gongbung Beach just past Evans Landing. Breathtaking sunsets, pristine waters, amazing wildlife, and a wonderful beach ambiance to set up a picnic for Mother’s Day.

Next, decide on what food and drinks to bring along. Remember, it’s a picnic which means that you’ll be wanting food that can last when laid outside. For instance, you’ll want to skip soft cheeses as they can go bad quite quickly in the sun, unless you store them efficiently in a cooler. Great Mother’s Day picnic ideas include fruit platters, cold cuts, cheese and crackers, some ready made sandwiches, chips, homemade baked goodies, plenty of cold water and maybe some ice, and a bottle of Mum’s favourite beverage to seal the deal.

Don’t forget to bring essential mood setters, such as a quality picnic rug, napkins for staying clean or some wet wipes for a luxury touch, sunscreen if the weather prediction is hot and sunny, and a playlist of mum’s favourite tunes and a Bluetooth speaker. 

Watch some birds at the nature reserve

Take on this opportunity to bond and learn together this Mother’s Day, as you wait patiently to spot some birdlife at the Uningan Nature Reserve.

Birdwatching may seem like an odd thing to get into with Mum, but it’s definitely an idea that will relax both your minds and help the both of you find a stronger connection with nature.

Once you start paying attention to birds, you will find yourself observing nature a lot better. Fact is, birds interact immensely with numerous other creatures and plants, as well as different habitats and formations. By simply observing their behaviour, you can start to draw connections among the different aspects of nature that play a part in this bigger cycle of life. 

Not only is this process extremely peaceful and relaxing, it also helps us appreciate the wider picture beyond our concrete jungles.

Keep a lookout for oriental cuckoos, palm cuckatoos, sulphur crested cuckatoos, red winged parrots, black kites, whistling kites, laughing kookaburras, blue winged kookaburras, forest kingfishers, honeyeaters, leaden flycatchers, radjah shelducks, pheasant coucals, white bellied sea eagles, and so many more species to be seen. For more species to look out for, check out eBird for the latest bird sightings in Uningan Nature Reserve

Go on an adventure 

Explore your wilder side with mum this Mother’s Day and head out on an adventure together.

Book yourselves in for a Western Cape Eco Tours’ daily tour or sunset cruise, and find yourselves in the heart of diverse wildlife habitats, such as saltwater crocodiles and a wide array of bird species. The daily tour takes you into the waterways of Weipa, where your knowledgeable guide will help navigate you through the area by providing both history and fun facts throughout your tour. 

The sunset tour is a little more romantic, making it perfect for Mother’s Day. With an amazing orangey-red backdrop sky, followed by refreshments and canapés served while you spot for wildlife including saltwater crocs and birds during your cruise.

Other ideas include heading out on a kayaking adventure or go fishing with Mum at the most popular fishing spots in Weipa. 

A treat at the Albatross Bay Resort

Every grand Mother’s Day event should be followed up with a wonderful dining experience that comes from the heart.

The Albatross Bay Resort ticks all the boxes, with waterfront views that romantically reflect the sunset to the mouthwatering culinary delights that are served by first class customer service, an experience at the Albatross Bay Resort is truly an unforgettable one.

A warm and welcoming ambiance awaits, with a spectacular range of food choices that will surely impress. From the freshest, locally caught seafood to premium meats from the grill, and fresh garden salads, a meal here at the Alby will satisfy Mum’s appetite this Mother’s Day. Discover the full menu here

And if you’d like to make things that much more special for Mum, give us a call and we can help set the scene better (such as prepare any decorations you may have available or store a cake that you’d like to serve after your meal) to make this a Mother’s Day she will not forget. 

Don’t forget, the Albatross Bay Resort isn’t just a dining establishment, with the option to stay for further luxury and pampering. 

Simply book here or give us a call at (07) 4090 6666.