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How to Choose an Eco Tour in Cape York & Surrounds

How to Choose an Eco Tour in Cape York & Surrounds
on 01 September 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle

An untamed frontier filled with unspoiled wilderness, rugged national parks, pristine waters, and secluded beaches, Cape York is an adventure waiting to happen. Located in Far North Queensland, it is one of Australia’s most vibrant eco environments. To make the most out of your adventure in Cape York and its surroundings, discover the best local eco tours that have won the hearts of many visitors, both local and beyond.

Western Cape Eco Tours

Listed as the second-best outdoor activity to do in Cape York, an eco tour will have you immersed amongst the region’s wildlife, history, local culture, and more. A journey with Western Cape Eco Tours is one that is unique with the promise of engaging its patrons with the beautiful Cape York ecosystem. Bask in a local culture that embeds itself upon the wilderness, with friendliness and amazing cuisines that will delight.

At Western Cape Eco Tours, you have the option to select between their daily tour, a sunset tour, and a customised tour which visits areas like Shell Middens, Red Cliffs, Thud Point and more. As part of your adventure you will set foot on a roof covered boat capable of hosting 28 passengers and your two crew members. Finger foods, canapés, beer, sparkling wine, and soft drinks are provided as part of the eco tour for your enjoyment, and best of all the tours are suitable for all ages.

The routes taken on the sunset tour are especially breathtaking. Starting from the harbour, you will make your way up into the Embley River and across to Hay Point, where you will uncover a hidden story of local culture, history and an abundance of wildlife including saltwater crocodiles and a vast array of native birds.

To cap off your cruise, you will witness an iconic Weipa sunset over the lake with picturesque views that will complete your Cape York adventure. To book your tour, head over to Western Cape Tours’ website

Off Road Adventure Safaris

There is only one road to the northern tip of Cape York, and the challenging journey is one not to be taken lightly. With Off Road Adventure Safaris leading the way though, you will gain the knowledge of the locals and capture the emotion, romance, tragedies, and triumphs of the region without a worry. 

Explore the wilderness of North Queensland, with saltwater crocodiles to awe at and plenty of birds and other wildlife to admire. With a driver and guide like Mark to lead the way, rest easy knowing you are in safe and experienced hands. The stories he tells along the way will be remembered for life, and the experience you encounter will be shared with friends and family for years to come. 

From off beaten tracks that lead to spectacular sights to local knowledge and contacts that will expose you to magnificent experiences (such as the rock art galleries at Laura), an adventure with Off Road Adventure Safaris is an adventure not to be missed. Depart from this safari with an insight into the stories of the land, the people, the history, the culture, the wildlife, and the flora. It’s certainly a memorable tour you will not forget. 

Weipa Mine and Town Tours

An eco tour that goes on for approximately three and a half hours, the Weipa Mine and Town Tour is so popular that it operates daily.

Departing from the Weipa Camping Grounds at either 8.30AM or 2PM, discover the amazing history of Weipa through the eyes of the Weipa Rio Tinto mine

The tour is run by a couple of locals who are passionate and committed to the history of the local town and Weipa Mine. With in-depth knowledge that will fascinate, discover the secrets behind the Weipa community, the Rio Tinto Alcan, and the flora and fauna that surrounds Weipa. The broad appeal goes beyond learning about the technicalities of the Weipa engineering mine. With so much to learn about social aspects that moulded the town, along with the historical and ecological influences of life in Weipa, a journey with the Weipa Mine and Town Tours will open your eyes up to the rich history of Weipa, Cape York.

As demand is high, bookings are essential to avoid disappointment. Get in touch with Weipa Mine and Town Tour at 0476 840 899 for further enquiries. 

Where to stay in Cape York

No adventure is complete without an exceptional place to retire every night. And when it comes to top class accommodation in Cape York, the Albatross Bay Resort in Weipa is where you want to call home during your Cape York adventures. 

With a local seafood experience at the restaurant and bar with fresh, crisp beers on tap coupled by impeccable customer service, there isn’t much more to ask for. Stunning sunset views at the restaurant await you as you unwind from your day’s worth of adventures. 

So kick back, relax and take advantage of top class Weipa accommodation at the Albatross Bay Resort

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