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Fishing Weipa Without a Boat

Fishing Weipa Without a Boat
on 01 September 2021 in Fishing

Known as Barramundi capital in Australia, you’ll often find a fishing expedition to Weipa on the bucket list of many keen anglers. Regarded as one of the best destinations for sports fishing, the variety of opportunities you’ll find here is amazing. From mangrove estuaries to coastal rivers and more, the different water bodies are home to a myriad of fishes beyond your imagination.

After all, with a much beloved Weipa Fishing Classic that happens every year that attracts anglers near and far, you won’t want to miss your opportunity to throw a line when you’re in the region – just because you don’t have a boat.

We’ve broken down our top spots to fish in Weipa without a boat based on the North side of Weipa and the South side of Weipa, depending on which location is more convenient for you.

Fishing in North Weipa

If you’re looking for a great spot for land based fishing, head under Mission Bridge or by the banks beneath for some amazing finds. With pools of Mullet that frequent the area, you’ll be hard pressed not to catch a fish. Other targets include barramundi, queenfish, black jewfish and fingermark too.

For those looking to lure fish, check out Pine River for some fishing fun. The challenge will be exciting for you, as the area is a designated catch and release zone only. Look out for barramundi, blue salmon and queenfish here. If you’re hoping to eat your fish after you catch it, Pine River is not for you. 

High tide fishing can prove challenging when you’re on land, which is why having the right fishing spot makes a big difference to how successful you will be. Head to Red Beach during high tide with some bait at hand and you’ll find many snags in the area from fish like king salmon and queenfish.

A visit to Andoom Creek is a must for those hoping to catch some mud crabs, however do so with caution as the area is known for its crocodile inhabitants. You’ll also find fishes like barramundi, mangrove jack and queenfish in the waters if you throw in a line. Again, be weary if you plan on fishing here as crocodiles tend to congregate wherever prey go.

Another good place to fish is in Eunigan Creek, although relatively small which makes it better for high tide fishing. You’ll find fishes like king salmon, barramundi and queenfish here.

Fishing in South Weipa

One of the most popular fishing spots on land in Weipa, the Old Evanslanding Boat Ramp is perfect for those looking to jig, thanks to the pontoon. Frequent catches in the area include grunters, golden trevally, queenfish, barramundi, fingermark, and squid at night.

For high tide fishing, head to Gonbung Point or Roberts Creek. The former is filled with Mangrove trees which offer great catches thanks to the abundance of bait in the water. And the latter is good for catching queenfish and golden trevally. 

If you’re looking for reef fishing, head to Westminster and pack yourself some jigs and poppers with soft bait to catch yourself some coral trout and tuskfish.

For those looking to explore local fishing stories, be sure to check out The Pole, down Hey River where you’ll find a big boat close to the Pole. An abundance of fish have been found in the area, and rumour has it that jigging works extremely well if you’d like to go home with your hands full. The target fish here include mackerel and queenfish.

For low tide fishing, head to First Creek, which is a wide creek. Here you’ll find fish like barramundi, queenfish and trevally.

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