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The Annual League of Lemons Cape York Charity Drive

<strong>The Annual League of Lemons Cape York Charity Drive</strong>
on 01 October 2022 in General News

Find out all you need to know about the Annual League of Lemons Cape York Charity Drive proudly supported by the Albatross Bay Resort.

With a peculiar name that spikes intrigue, the League of Lemons is an annual event well deserving of its curious origins. The purpose behind it is to raise money for very deserving charities and organisations by endeavouring an amazing adventure beginning from Weipa to the tip of Cape York along the Old Telegraph Track.

Embrace yourself for a whirlwind of a journey as participants experience the most amazing sights of untouched Australia. The event rules allow participants to spend a maximum of $2,000 on their vehicle (which includes finding one and fixing it) with each team dubbed as “lemons”, who will hit the track at the end of October for a 4 night return adventure. 

To register, teams have to pick a charity that means something to them and each member of the team has to make a donation as their registration fee to participate in the League of Lemons. The purpose behind the event is to raise funds for the team’s chosen charity before and during the event. You will find event shout outs on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and even crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and more with descriptions about the charity the teams are backing and where the money goes.

The concept behind the League of Lemons came from a group of friends looking to take a trip up to the top of Cape York. Through trials and tribulations, the adventure was beyond memorable, leading them to turn it into a public event in efforts to raise funds for charities.

The drive has gained the support of many local businesses, some of which donated their workshops on weekends for use. The effort of going through cars over a period of months is taxing, as team members check them out to see if they can handle the journey and all under the cost of $2,000.

The journey commences from Weipa with participants taking a break at the Jardins River as part of a 5 day trek to the top of Cape York Peninsula.

Luckily, a tow truck was donated and remains at hand for those unlucky lemons in need of some help overcoming the challenges ahead. Most participants typically go for 4WD vehicles given their purpose being built for the adventure, while some creative ones do think outside the box – including a Subaru Outback SUV once joining the challenge. Notably, the Subaru Outback didn’t make it all the way to the tip, but it certainly did impress many as it reached points further than expected. 

The highest achieving team in history managed to raise $5,000 for their appointed charity, as teams have the opportunity to give to those in need.

After the event is done and dusted, the cars are then auctioned off with a higher value than when they were first purchased (taking into account all the fixing up to make it to Cape York), and the money received will go to the respective teams’ chosen charities. 

It’s a fantastic event for a great cause that pushes participants through great challenges and adventures leading to lifelong memories and plenty of laughter to be had. It also makes for a great excuse to explore to the tip of Cape York in a rusty old car! 

Participant counts are decent with an estimated eleven teams taking part in the League of Lemons this year, organised by Michelle Radlof and proudly supported by the Albatross Bay Resort.

Interest in the League of Lemons is growing continually every year, with the expansion of awareness bringing in more bush bashers into the race.

Don’t forget to swing by the Albatross Bay Resort in support of your favourite League of Lemons team as we celebrate the event together.