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Three Camping Holiday Hot Spots in Weipa

Three Camping Holiday Hot Spots in Weipa
on 01 October 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle

Every camper knows that the secret behind a great camping holiday is the camping grounds itself. Given that it’s where you surrender to after a hard day’s worth of adventuring and exploring, great facilities, a tactical location, followed by fantastic views, will make you feel utterly complete.

When it comes to finding an excellent place for a Queensland camping holiday, the town of Weipa in North West Queensland easily places at the top of the list.

A quieter side of the Great Barrier Reef, Weipa offers the sense of serenity and untouched nature that North East Queensland cannot. With pristine beaches that do not see heavy foot traffic and the peaceful surroundings of wildlife and nature, if you’re hoping to catch the truest, there’s no better place to be then Weipa.

Vast sweeping plains landscape the terrains followed by pockets of rivers, lakes, and waterholes. Wide white sandy beaches fill the coastline bordered by native flora promising spectacular sunrises. And when night falls, the atmosphere is perfect for camping under a million stars.

With high demands and seasonal unpredictability, it is strongly advised to book your venue well in advance of your travel dates to avoid any disappointment.

When is the best time to camp in Weipa? 

Weipa sees its popular season between May to October thanks to it being a dry season where you won’t have to worry about flooding or rain affecting roads, bridges, and businesses. National parks around the area are also typically closed from around December to April, which is another reason why camping in Weipa between May and October would be wise. 

Where are the best places to camp in Weipa?

Get the most out of your adventure and set up camp in one of the best camping holiday hotspots in Weipa listed below. 

1. Archer River Roadhouse

Situated just 200 kilometres south of Weipa, the Archer River Roadhouse rests serenely on the crystal clear banks of the Archer River. You’ll find it before the turn to the tip of Cape York.

A camp at the Roadhouse promises refreshing icy cold beers and its popular massive Archer Burger. Recent upgrades have been carried out to the property so you can enjoy the expanded patio, among other developments on site. Breakfast is amazing with freshly baked pies and great coffee to wake you up for a big start.

There is a wide range available for budgets and groups of all sizes when it comes to accommodation. From lush green camping grounds to shared units and even fully air-conditioned single bedrooms, the Archer River Roadhouse caters to all.

With facilities including washing machines, disabled access, public internet connection, and services for minor mechanical and tyre repairs. The Archie River Roadhouse is opened from May through to December, and operating hours are from 8am to 10pm. 

2. Bramwell Junction Roadhouse

You’ll find the Bramwell Junction Roadhouse right at the start of the Old Telegraph Track by the junction of the Southern bypass roads. It’s approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes Northeast inland of Weipa.

It’s a great place to fuel up, grab food and drinks, and take a break at the spacious campgrounds. With plenty of sheltered spots, toilet and shower facilities, barbecue spots, and live footy at the restaurant, there’s plenty of things to help you unwind and take a break from the drive. 

If stopping by, don’t miss out on the beef burger, which has lured patrons to come back for more. Dinner time here often features a hearty buffet meal coupled with live entertainment.

3. Bramwell Station Tourist Park

Located 2 and a half hours East of Weipa, the Bramwell Station Tourist Park is renowned for being Australia’s northernmost cattle station.

Bramwell Station was first taken up under pastoral lease owned by Frank Monighan in the 1930s and was later passed onto Rod Heinemann. The Bramwell Station Tourist Park was first opened for trade by Rod’s wife, Theresa Heinemann. And the original bar has been converted into a pictorial museum housing many dated pictures of oldies who called Bramwell home.

Promising a true Bramwell welcome, the Bramwell Station Tourist Park is a working cattle station filled with history and country life tradition. Great meals that are bang for your buck are served, followed by live entertainment every night and a happy hour starting at the bar from 5.30pm every day. Helpful staff who are locals with good knowledge of the best places to visit in Bramwell await you. So swig a glass of Australian whisky and roam around a piece of Aussie history during your holiday at Weipa.

Where to go for a comfortable stay in Weipa

Instead of heading out to camp, why not enjoy the best accommodation Weipa has to offer? 

At the Albatross Bay Resort, you can rest easy knowing that you will be completely taken care of. We strongly believe in the community and creating a welcoming atmosphere that helps you and your family relax, enjoy, and create long-lasting memories together.

A secluded waterfront awaits you at the Albatross Bay Resort surrounded by natural beauty. Travellers, diners, and adventure seekers all find a place at the Albatross Resort thanks to its unique dining, exceptional accommodation experience, and amazing location.

So whether you’re looking for the best camping holiday hot spots in Weipa or are looking for a way to truly enjoy your days off, a visit to or stay at the Albatross Bay Resort should be on your list.

Banner image credit: Trip in a Van